Our Policy Publications

Our Policy Publications

13th March, 2023

Scoping Study Report On Ghana's Child Marriage Response System

20th February, 2023

Complementary Basic Education Financing Brief

6th February, 2023

Confronting The Desk Deficits In Ghana’s Basic Schools

20th January, 2023

Analysis Of The 2023 Education Budget

27th October, 2022

Eduwatch 2022 WASSCE Ghana Monitoring Report

18th October, 2022

Education Financing Brief 2022

31st August, 2022

2nd Edition Of The Open Governance Index (OGI) Report On Education Sector Institutions In Ghana

10th June, 2022

Review Of The Education Sector Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2021

16th May, 2022

Education Accountability Report II

1st May, 2022

Ghana’s High Urban Class Sizes And The Pedagogical Approaches Of The Standard-Based Curriculum

13th April, 2022

A Review Of Government Of Ghana's Budget Support For Girls' Re-entry At The Pre-Tertiary Level

12th April, 2022

A Review Of The GES Back To School Campaign And Re-entry Policy For Pregnant Girls And School Mothers

11th March, 2022

Re-entry Of Pregnant Girls And Teenage Mothers To School

14th December, 2021

Urban Public Education Provision Study - Perspectives From Labone In Urban Ghana

30th November, 2021

Ghana Education Sector COVID-19 Resilience Monitoring Report

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